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Company   Description   Seeking
20/20 Genesystems aims to commercialize technologies and products to personalize cancer therapies by developing patented platform technology for detecting multiple biomarkers in tissue sections without grinding up the tissue and destroying morphology.
  $8M ($5M private; $3M government)
  Anima is developing the technology of protein synthesis monitoring (PSM) for measuring and analyzing the process of protein synthesis in real time, from within living cells, by labeling the synthesis apparatus (ribosomes and trna) with fluorescent labels. psm can be used in a large gamut of applications – from basic studies of the process of life to novel treatments for protein-synthesis related diseases (myeloma, fragile-x, liver fibrosis…) and to improved production methods for biotherapeutics.   Bridge: $500K
Applied Immune Technologies (AIT) is a drug development company specializing in T-Cell Receptor-Like (TCRL) antibodies that are targeted to intracellular-derived peptides for a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic applications. AIT is also focused on identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets.
BioCancell is a biopharmaceuticals company that specializes in the development of Targeted Cancer Therapies for the treatment of numerous types of cancer. The Company's technology offers a safe and long-term treatment of cancer, with no adverse effects.
September 2010

Cornerstone is a privately held pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of innovative cancer therapies that exploit the metabolic pathways that are common to different cancer types but different from normal cells and tissues.


Galil Genetic Analysis provide genetic testing in order to reduce medical risks and to adjust medical and pharmaceutical treatments to best fit the patient. GGA Ltd. has proven experience in the development of new diagnostic genetic methods, especially those concerning genetic resequencing diagnostic chips.


Gamida Cell is dedicated to making a significant difference in the clinical practice of modern medicine by first creating, then tapping the regenerative power of therapeutic stem cells. The company is developing a pipeline of products in stem cell transplantation and in tissue regeneration to effectively treat debilitating and often fatal illnesses such as cancer, hematological, autoimmune and ischemic diseases.

  Funding & Partners
HemoScreen develops point-of-care diagnostic devices that count and analyze blood cells. HemoScreen follows rapidly growing needs for low cost and simple-to to-use devices for use in local community health centers and in patient homes rather than in centralized laboratories.

Post Seed


Home Medicine USA specializes in safe medical information transmission, clinical information gathering and clinical data evaluation and scoring. They are developing a group of unique and proprietary products that take electronic medical record (EMR) and personal health record (PHR) systems to the next level.

  $1.5M - First Round
$3M - Second Round

ImmunArray Ltd. (IAL) is developing next generation in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for personalized medicine utilizing platform biomarker technology with a broad range of applications. Its first products are blood tests for early diagnosis of autoimmune diseases and for detection and monitoring of transplantation rejection.


$4M, round A


INFIGO DIAGNOSTICS is developing a breakthrough platform technology of devices based on molecular imprinting polymers to apply in the production of diagnostic kits in various applications. This technology for the development of diagnostic tools will become the gold standard in small molecule diagnosis and detection. The technology will be applied to many areas such as environment: pesticide detection, water quality measurements, bioterrorism: explosive and contaminant detection, medical devices and veterinary applications.


$5M External
A round


InSightec developed the first commercially approved MR guided focused ultrasound system as the incisionless operating room of the future.  This technology provides therapy without hospitalization with the benefits of faster recovery and quick return to normal activities, no scarring, no ionizing radiation and lower risks to patients.

  Clients and Partners

Medasense Biometrics is a medical device company that develops a continuous and non-invasive pain monitoring device.

  $1.5M - $2M

Optimata is a modeling-based biopharmaceutical company that provides comprehensive solutions, navigating drug development through shorter, safer pathways towards a high market competitive profile.

  Clients and Partners

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq:PSTI) is a bio-therapeutics company dedicated to the commercialization of unrelated donor-patient (allogeneic) cell therapy products , derived from human placenta, for the treatment of several severe ischemic and autoimmune disorders


Clients and Partners


SCTyx, is focused on harnessing functional characteristics of hematopoietic stem cells for the improvement of bone marrow transplantations, enabling treatment of diseases of the immune system. Dedicating to a distinct set of functional aspects, SCTyx will develop a vertical line of products starting from a medical device improving efficiency of Bone Marrow transplantation, through diagnostic kits for better defining a “successful” transplantation cohort of cells, to a unique combination of function modeling factors of stem cells behavior.


Seed Round


SparkLix is an Innovation Award recipient from the Association for Laboratory Automation that has developed SparkLab 360, a cloud base application. From R&D to clinical trials, SparkLab 360 is the complete solution for managing a lab’s entire research process.

Clients and Partners

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