June 20        

provide entrepreneurs a concentrated opportunity to learn how to build and improve their companies.

WHERE: Daniel Hotel, Herzliya on June 20th Address: 60 Ramot Yam, Herzliya 46851, Israel

REGISTRATION: open to entrepreneurs from various industries
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Program: June 20th    
8:15am Registration    
8:45am Opening   Introductions by Boot Camp participants
9:00am Top Ten Mistakes
Made in
Business Plans
Interactive session
Bill Joos
Your business plan is the most important document you'll write as an entrepreneur. It can be the ticket to funding, and interest from potential clients and partners. Learn what NOT to do so you can develop a hard-hitting, compelling business case for your company
10:00am The Value of Angel
Interactive Session with
Benny Schnaider
Benny Schnaider a serial entrepreneur with a golden touch- he has a proven record of selling every company he starts. Schnaider will share his personal experiences about his early days of first-round funding, VC pitching and eventual successes, speaking about traditional funding resources, such as VCs, the growing trend of startups relying more and more on angels.
Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneurs: A complex Relationship

Interactive Session with
Benny Zeevi, M.D.


Venture capitalists and entrepreneurs have different mindset, in order for a venture to succeed they have to create partnership, align interests, built trust and openness with ongoing open communications. The ways to achieve that will be discussed.
11:00am Break and Networking      
11:15am Customer Development
for Startups
Interactive Session with
Professor Steve Blank
Steve Blank is a much sought-after speaker and author of "Four Steps to the Epiphany". This talk applies to “startup” ventures and existing companies entering a new market. Both must solve a common set of issues: Where is our market? Who are our customers? How do we build the right team? How do we scale sales? These issues are at the heart of the “Customer Development” process.
12:15pm Raising Money:
Top 10 Mistakes
Often Make
Interactive session
Dr. Amos Barzilay
Dr. Barzilay who sold his startup company for 200M and held a general partner position in one of the largest Silicon Valley VC firms for several years will share his personal experience and honest opinion on raising money from Silicon Valley investors. The talk is humorous and includes insights that most VCs would prefer the entrepreneur would never know.
1:00pm Lunch and networking  
2:00pm Patent Pending Interactive Session with
Joseph Bach
For more than a decade, Mr. Bach has developed methodologies for, and counsels clients on, efficiently building and managing effective patent portfolios. Many start-ups presenting to investors state that they have either issued patents, or pending patent applications, some highlighting the fact that they have provisional patent applications pending. What does it mean? What is the value of these patents and applications? Is it a barrier to entry? Mr. Bach will discuss these issues relating to intellectual property protection and litigation.
2:45pm The Power of an
Advisory Board
a Tale of Two Boards
Interactive Session with
Bill Joos
A powerful Board of Advisors is often the entrepreneur’s most underutilized tool. Learn how to form, select, leverage and compensate your Advisory Board for maximum effectiveness. Bill will also contrast the differences and similarities between Board of Advisors and the corporate Board of Directors
3:45 Break and Networking    
4:00pm VC Panel Moderator: Amos Barzilay
Benny Zeevi, M.D.
Noga Kap
Dalia Megiddo, M.D.
The VC landscape has changed significantly in the last two years in Israel and in Silicon Valley. It is now more difficult than ever to raise institutional funds, particularly for early-stage companies. The panel will discuss the dynamics between investors and entrepreneurs, helping them develop better strategies to raise funds.
4:45pm Closing      

Testimonials from Previous Boot Camp

… the boot camp was terrific and the event itself was jam packed with good stuff. We walked away with angel leads and two venture funds contacted me over the weekend. You can't beat that in this environment!

Martha Amram, Ph.d.
CEO, HomeZ Inc.

The Silicom Ventures Boot Camp was a tremendous value for me and our company. The presenters were first rate and extremely informative. I would recommend this bootcamp for any aspiring entrepreneur in the process of building a business and raising capital.

Ray Martin
CEO, Articmaster, Inc.

…the start with Bill Joos was great. I would certainly recommend the Boot Camp to entrepreneurs who wish to advance their business, sharpen their vision and goals and see how it’s done the American Way!

Peter Brouwer
Operations Director, Holland Container Innovations
The Netherlands

Your boot camp exceeded my expectations. Thanks for putting on a great workshop.

Rick Holman
President & CEO, Industrial Origami

..our entrepreneurs really enjoyed the Bootcamp and felt they learned a lot that day. A very good experience to take back home. So thanks again for a good experience!

Janinka Feenstra, MSc.
Universiteit Twente
The Netherlands

.. even after 4 startups I found it interesting and helpful, I will definitely recommend this to everyone I know that is involved in a startup.

Sharon Zohar
President & CEO, iSeeLoc Inc.

The experience of participating actively in the Silicom Boot Camp in Stanford University far exceeded my personal expectations.  I attended the Day 1 Bootcamp believing we were already well advanced and had little to learn.  I could not have been more wrong.  It was an intense, compressed, full power program.

Graeme Speak
CEO & Founder, GOPC

*Subject to change