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Straight from Silicon Valley, the acclaimed Personalized Medicine World Conference reaches Israel...

Program Features:
Who Should Attend?
Molecular Diagnostics
Personalized Oncology
Ethics & Legal Challenges
IT & BioInformatics
Promising New Companies
Healthcare Executives and Clinicians
Academic Researchers
Life Science Entrepreneurs
Institutional and Angel Investors
IT Executives
Empowered Patients

Personalized Medicine is paving the way for a superior health care system by custom-fitting treatment to a patient's unique genetic blueprint. This emerging field is already saving patient lives and reducing healthcare costs. Personalized Medicine ignites a new cycle of growth for business opportunities in lifesciences. PMWC Israel's objective is to promote and accelerate this progress by increasing awareness, knowledge and facilitate interaction among the various parties such as researchers, clinicians, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and patients.

Previous Event: PMWC 2010 Silicon Valley
The PMWC 2010 (Personalized Medicine World Conference) was held on January 19-20 in Silicon Valley, featuring prominent speakers from a cross-section of business, academia and government sectors who covered the topic from different angles.

The challenge of successfully commercializing transnational research depends on consumer access, healthcare economics, and adoption of IT by health care professionals. Israel is renowned for breakthrough innovations, entrepreneurship, world-class biomedical research, universal healthcare, top-quality medical resources, technology leadership and physicians open to taking calculated risks to benefit their patients. All of these attributes make Israel an ideal global model for Personalized Medicine.

The boot camp includes interactive sessions given by experts that provide entrepreneurs with tools and tips on how to face the new challenges of fund raising and building & expending their businesses.   The full-day session ends with a VC panel whose members share their insights and   provide constructive feedback to presenting entreprenuers. This day is open to entreprneurs from all industries.





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